Saturday, September 18, 2010

How must I become a Marching 100?

 School has taken all of my blogging time and I have been in a whirlwind preparing an article for the school paper.  Finally, there is time for blogging. I have been a closeted band nerd since sixth grade, so there is
no suprise the Marching 100 is on this blog.  Saying  the Marching 100 is the a fantastic band is becoming an understatement. The band has played alongside Kanye West at the grammy's, performed at France's independance day, and the their tubas bring the funk.  The band is performing Micheal Jackson tunes along with his choreography.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


   I'm not dead, although I have been buried in notebooks and textbooks. Surprisingly, American History
  has been my favorite class of this semester so far.  My history professor is quite the comedian; he  talks about  early American history as if his on Comedy Central. However, I'm less enthused about the thirty minute group presentation about Ben Frankiln.  Working in a group is not me,plus I have to speak   for thirty minutes to a  class room of forty strangers. I haven't done public speaking since the third grade and I was pretty good at it. Working in a group, however, always ended with two people ditching the assignment  on presentation day.  English has been the most anticipated class of the summer. Since this blogging came in my life, I needed an outlet to hone my newly found craft. Journalism has also helped my writing abilities, which suddenly reminds me that I have to get that skinny jeans article finished. There is nothing much to say about algebra other than me and mathematics do not get along.  Feel in love with song and the video especially.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best of my life

Looks as though this blogging may be more than a suppresion for my bordom. Today, I joined my college news paper and if all goes well I could be the staff blogger. I  fall into many activities,but the love of writing may be a profound passion.  Wish I could share more, but we know how somethings go. Plus, I'm in my college library discussing this spirited moment in my life.  Sadly, I have to leave, American History in  5 minutes.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

back to school

   Due to constant procrastination and lack of ideas,  I purposely abandon my  blog. Carelessly  forgetting about those that take  the time out of their day to read about me navigating my way through  life.  My dearest apologies to all of you.

With the fist day of school looming over the horizon, I should have a  novel worth  of words to describe the  ever changing kaleidoscope of emotions I have.  For starters, I have never been so excited about going to school; it has never been a place of friendship and  first crushes for me. School was less than an institution for learning, and more of a boxing ring every  fourth period  gym class. As of this day, the sound of a whistle  makes want to scream.  Today, I am more confident than the  312 pound  teenager from high school.

College is the most free spirited place I will probably ever encounter. There, no one gives a damn about who's wearing the flyest khicks, or the guy who walks with a switch in hips.  Last semester I arrived  to my 8am English late and standing before the entire class; wearing a white tank top with ketchup stains, shaggy ripped jeans, and a pair of  sneakers with no designer logo stitched to them . That whole wardrobe is definite fashion faux pas  in public school,and  if   worn to a pep rally or during lunch  I would probably have to pack myself in a box and relocate to another country because the  teasing  will never cease.

My self-esteem wounds are finally healing from the piercing jokes about my weight and  my period which made herself widely noticed on the back of my jeans during a school assembly.  It was those moments of  humiliation when I wanted to tear my flesh and become something other than human.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sorry If this clip seems a bit strange from all the other apples in the sack, but I had to post this. It's  been a year now since I've began  dieting. Lately, I've  really became bored with the typical thirty minute work out. Dancing  have became my primary source of calorie burning. Every moment I'm  doing some random jig at work or  in the elevator to a disco medley .  The routine in the video is a crowd spectacle and the dancer really   crush  alot of stereotypes about rhythmically challenged Caucasian people.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010



I received heart breaking news about   the passing of a dear friend of my family. He was killed in a car accident on his way to work.  Allen  left behind a wife and four small children who will never feel his touch or hear his laughter ever again.  I've came to the twenty first year of my life, I can sleep with the lights off, tie shoes laces,even ride a bike without falling on unforgiving ground. But death remains one of those childhood stepping stones I have yet to grasp . 

 What is death and what does it look like? Maybe it's a heavenly translucent figure with wings and a halo, or some ghastly horror ripped from the scenes of an   X-Files episode.  Death is most perplexing to me  when one can have a conversation in the supermarket with a long lost friend , or a wave hello  across the street to an acquaintance  and  within the next day or moment that person is dead. 

 It's been 48 hours now since Allen  has left this earth , and still there is this stubborn part in me that won't accept his death.  Although I have heard the gossip of strangers and the confirmation by witnesses of his death, I believe Allen is home with his kids.  Maybe If  I see his bruised corpse the truth will sink in, or perhaps the dismantled SUV both Allen and his wife were driving in during that dark morning of his death.  

I was raised to beleive that earth is not our home, that God has a closing time on all of his children. The most challenging part of this belief is never knowing when it's your time to leave all wordly possesions behind and journy to another realm.   After I click the publish post button, I'm going to  value human life and thank God for every breath . I'm gonna laugh longer and cry while I'm laughing. I'll give forgiveness a try.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Gregg Breinberg and the PS22 choir

 I'm probably the last blogger on earth to post about Gregg Breinberg and the PS22 choir, but I don't care.  As always I was on YouTube and discovered this man and his  fifth grade students.  Every clip I saw of them gave me goosebumps which have yet to disappear.  I'm a firm believer in the power of art; that it broaden horizons, and builds both character and self-esteem. Seeing such a prolific power being expressed through kids is indescribable.  I attended an underfunded public school throughout my school age years and music classes were  more than a curriculum,but rather a major event.  Through out many American public schools, the arts are considered a needless waste of tax dollars. Thus, leaving students with a void of self-expression and talented teachers in the unemployment line.  Hopefully, the PS22 children will capture the heart of a politician or educational leader to enforce more creativity in public schools. Watching Greg Breinberg in his hipster attire, really wish I had him as a band directer.

Friday, July 23, 2010

self observing

Waking at 6am is not what I expected of a four month summer vacation. I know alot of you are probably tired of me rambling on and on about early mornings and my battle with the alarm clock. But not with the slightest of words have I mentioned my summer job. For starters, I work for my parents,we're child care providers. Having a type-B personality around a family of type-A robotic drones is all too unbalanced. In shorter words, I'm not cut out for the family business. Children are the most perplexing individuals to me. Yes, they are cute and cuter when they began to talk. But, don't let their ambrosial spirit fool you. Children are the most malefic manipulators around.  Those of you who have kids may know.

I discovered this guy on YouTube while enjoying an unhealthy amount of the Internet.  He goes by the name of 50 Tyson. This man must be immune to humility, the amount of insults on his YouTube account is staggering. Hopefully, The Preachers Daughter may show him in a positive light.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to grow up

 Last week my college  courses  arrived through  the mail.  The usual reading, writing and arithmetic will become the stress of unannounced quizzes and cramming for exams. I have been a community college freshman for perhaps three years now; not because I'm unmotivated, but rather lost.  As I gradually progress through my twenties,  fortuitous questions of who am I and what I want out of life jolts me every  moment  bills and responsibility reminds me that I am now an adult.  

 The thought of becoming a wife and mother is quit daunting to me. How can one commit  themselves to other humans when the feeling of self love have never been experienced?  The next five years of my life will become a search for my identity, discovering what motivates  me  to wake up  in the morning and smile  at a  fire exlpoding sunrise.  Only God knows what the future has for me, or what talents may harbour in this insecure body mine.      

Monday, July 12, 2010



 The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind people, but I promise on stack of  composition note books that my absence will never last longer than a few days. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the Oscar Grant verdict. By the wonders of YouTube I was able to watch the execution of this young man;his life was sadly ended by the hands of a law officer. During the moment of his murder, Grant was unarmed and in a prone positon. Apparently, assume the position doesn't matter when one happens to be a black male. Only shoot first and ask questions later. Out of respect to the family and rested soul of Oscar Grant, I decided not to post the YouTube clip of   Grant's murder.

  I know posting this is way late considering the iniquitous verdict and moronic rioting  were  a week back, but a load must  buoy up from my chest.  I haven't heard of Oscar Grant until I read a staggering amount of articles and blogs leading up to the trial of Johannes Mehserle, the officer that ended Grant's life    execution style.  I live a far distance from Oakland and must say that "Oscar Grant's doleful story deserves national attention".  But you and I know such action will not take place, for he was not a superhuman black athlete, nor a white female movie star.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who and What is a Dougie?

 Sorry for the long wait folks.  Not falling into the whole "black people can dance" stereotype, but this dance is the simplest,yet crowd spectacle  I've ever came across. Each day, hour, and awakening moment  this dance has gotten me off my rump and onto the dance floor;It's called The Dougie or D-Town Boogie, a Dallas Texas originated movement. Those of you  two steppers may be familiar with Cali  Swag District, a rap group from Los Angeles interpretation of  The Dougie,but it's a Dallas Texas born jig.  For the past few years now, black youth have really  kept this country dancing. Moves ranging from The Soullja Boy, The Harlem Shake and   Jerkin have came from impoverished youth.  

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So Little To Say

I've been fidgeting through my brain for the past six minutes now;finding something to  blog about. In addition to the confusion,I have work in the morning and I am not an early bird. The sound of an alarm clock is harrowing to me.   Since I'm not able to leave you all with the  usual social, entertaining,and opinionated  post , I must leave you with Miles Davis.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who Made You a Literary Critic?

Toni Morrison is my favorite author of the moment. Every visionary sentence in this novel is spellbinding. When reading about the tortured protagonist, Pecola Breedlove, I never knew the feeling of empathy until I began to turn the pages of this novel. In her novel The Bluest Eye, Morrison combines the craft of story telling with sociology.

I became acquainted with Morrison's work while wondering aimlessly in my college library. The novels of black authors are vacuous in a predominately white institution, so I was overcome with excitement when I saw a Toni Morrison novel. The Bluest Eye is a page turner for anyone who studies African American sociology or enjoys a great story.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Take a Second Look

I know this post is way over due,considering the BET awards were a few weeks back. On the last post I wrote for y'all titled "Redemption for a dancer" alot of you voiced your thoughts and opinions about the breathtaking performance by Chris Brown, but I never expressed my personal feelings and thoughts which spans far beyond Brown's performance on the BET awards.

Although domestic violence is an aversion to couples of any race , African Americans must see through the looking glass for a moment; according to the ABA(American Bar Association) African American females experience intimate partner violence at exceeding rates; 35% more that their white counterparts.

Being a young black female, I would like to know when will black men stop making us into percentage numbers for AIDS and domestic violence.After observing the swollen face of Rhianna plastered on white tabloid magazines,I came to the conclusion that black women have suffered enough, the wretched story of Saartjie Baartman to being stripped our dignity on slave auctioning blocks and hip-hop videos. However, I'm not persecuting black men in any form. There must be a better understanding between genders in the African Americans community.

Young Brothas such as Chris Brown(who witnessed abused since childhood) doesn't need criticism from their own race, but rather help. In most cases, young brothas are too ashamed or securely wrapped into hypermasculinty to seek mental health counseling.

I latterly came to the fact the BET (Black Entertainment Television) did very little to profess the dangers of relationship violence to their young viewers. If the network accepts the role as the unofficial paragon for young black America, then their must be quality programing within its schedule.

I think it's far-fetched deeming Chris Brown as the poster boy for domestic abused.
of course, he badly injured a black woman and for that he should be punished. Community service did not fit the crime. Nonetheless, Chris Brown should be allowed to carry on his career the same as Charlie Sheen, who assulted his wife with a butchers knife. The appalling news about Sheens maniacal actions did not receive media attention of Chris Brown's proportion.

African Americans must understand that Chris Brown and Rhianna are celebrities;their lives are the subject of gossip magazines and tabloids. The black public cannot follow media hype and come to their own conclusions. Our real argument here is not crucifying Chris Brown, but rather the American media.

Since our fist Black president took his place in the whitest establishment ever known to the human existence, he has been scrutinized more than any other president. In addition, the media and the public hardly ever addresses him as president Obama. It's all too blatant that the media is on a quest to destroy the image of black men; for example, the unethical punisnment of Micheal Vick and the insignificant news coverage of Tiger Wood's extra marital affairs.

In my view, applauding Chris Brown's performance didn't mean the black public were dispelling the fact that a black man abused a black woman and damaged her psychologically,but enjoys a comeback story. Maybe Chris Brown's tears were a cry for help.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The New Face of Hip hop

I have a love hate relationship with hip-hop music, a blender of emotions spin through me each time I hear a Jay-Z or Rick Ross jam. Frankly, I must say that the genre I adored so dearly have been reduced to buffoonery. How could something of such gritty passion and social profess become a deluded soul mate to the millions of African Americans living in public squalor? During this period of hip-hop there has been a blatant absence of female MC's in our record stores and radio stations. Of course, there have been a few females in the game who can grip the microphone, but I must be frank, Trina will never be mentioned in the same sentence as Lil Wayne when it comes to record sells. Lil Kim will always be a remnant of her glory days with Biggie and where the hell is Foxy Brown? Luckily, the gloomy period for females in a boys only game is about to end with Nikki Minaji. Apart from the other woman in the game, I have a smidgen of respect for Minaji. I got my hands on her mix tape a few weeks back and my spirit was jumping with joy. Finally, a woman who can spit it like a man with out exploiting herself. I'm curious to know what does this means for the future of hip-hop and the way its fans view rappers .

Monday, June 28, 2010

Redemption for a dancer

Ya don't really see moments like these on live television, so I decided to post it for y'all. This marvelous performance by Chris Brown may be the pulse to bring his career back to life. I gotta admit, this man is a natural born showman. I felt his energy magnetically drawing me into every abstract rhythm of his body. Dressed in Micheal Jackson attire, Brown's stage presence was an aura to be recognized that night; at the same time, he came apart at the seams with a dramatic break down during the performance of Micheal's Man In The Mirror. I think what was seen last night was Brown's redemption plea, another chance to awe this world of what he was born to do, another spark of his feet to illuminate stages, and another feel of a thunderous applause. Can we forgive Chris Brown?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hair On A Black Woman

Combing black hair is like taming a wild beast. For every black woman her fist perm was a right of passage. I remember quite vividly the ceremony of my first perm. It was an hour of agony,but the burning scalp and smell of chemicals was a virtuous beauty at the end.

As a child of the 90's, my hair was designed into countless urban styles. I frequently requested the Left eye (TLC)style,which consisted of a bang curl in the front of my head and a fan curl on the top of my head. Each moment of my pupil age life that was the style that defined me.

Today, I am 21 and TLC is long forgotten. The styles I wear now are all weave, a sense of being natural is lost. In addition to the forgery, I can't remember feeling hair grease being smoothed across my scalp. Now that the glued in tracks have been removed from my hair, I would like to adopt a more Afrocentric vogue to my ever changing hair styles.

However, there is an colossal size of insecurity when it comes to wearing a my natural hair. It's not an denouement of race, but an oxymoron of black women around me.Siblings, cousins, co-workers, or the sista at the Asian owned black hair shop looks at me in utter disgust whenever I'm wearing a natural look.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Can we call Beyonce the new Micheal Jackson?

It's been a year now since the heart pausing news of Micheal Jackson's death.With a career spanning through nearly four decades, Micheal was more than an entertainer, he was a family heirloom. It's abashed that the public never gave Micheal Jackson a proper applause,nor acknowledge the brilliance in his showmanship until his death. Now that the thrown of pop royalty is empty, who will fill it?

Ultimately, the answer would be Madonna.Although, she sold more than 250 million records within 20 years of her career (wikipedia); radio airwaves hasn't heard from her in quite sometime now. Therefore, the tittle should go or will go to Beyonce. A stunning dancer, internationally sold out concerts,and racial cross over appeal. Beyonce has performed her way into the mainstream lexicon.

The album I am Sasha Fierce is unlike anything I ever heard from an R&B album;my ears had no clear conception of the canticle blaring through my headphones impetuously. Being of both folk and soul, the album exemplifies the inner making of a global superstar.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's the deal with Tyler Perry


When I saw the episode of the Boondocks titled Pause I was of both rage and disgust. It was thirty minuets worth of Tyler Perry bashing and blatant homophobia.My feelings for another human being has never been so shattered.
But at the same time, Perry's work may need a wee bit of socially conscience critiquing;for example,portraying educated successful black people as callous snobs, or portraying black woman as afflicted damsels;in need of a man to fulfill all of life's bliss. Mr. Perry that has got to stop.I would like for Perry to re-create his character Mr.Brown. Make him look human, raise the I.Q. level about a hundred more notches,and give him a sense of dignity. Far too many black men in this country has lost of never gained their dignity due to incarceration and senseless lynchings.
In Perry's defense, people should actually sit and watch his material. Of course,he's not August Wilson or James Baldwin,but the message in Perry's work radiates throughout many,love and the power of prayer.

This season of the Boondocks is at its closing. Perhaps, I'm the only black person who fails to find the amusement in this show. Celebrating thuggery and excessive use of the n-word on a white owned television network is entertainment,yet Tyler Perry is a modern day minstrel show (smh).

I found this clip of Cornel West, one of the greatest thinkers of our generation. His lecture on Spike Lee and Tyler Perry riveted through my soul. Black entertainers must build each other up,the industry wasn't made for people with a more "shaded" skin tone.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does anyone have a cure for the common cold?

I've tried the lemon and honey concoction,a remedy that has stayed in my family for perhaps six decades and still cannot overcome this cold. If you are a germophic,hand washing addict like me;the common cold is a highly dreaded acquaintance. Since the outbreak of H1N1 I have became conscience of the under functioning immune system;for example,if an individual just happens to sneeze around me I always have a mini-sized bottle of purell in my purse.

As I lay here in my queen-sized bed,cuddled by a hand woven quilt. My thoughts ponder about where this human inherited cold could have came from. Maybe, it's the dust descending from the ceiling vents of my four walled bedroom. A long day is mapped for me to conquer tomorrow and my immune system is being hit by the sneeze cough combo.

Father's Day

Sorry if this post seems a wee bit different from the scholarly, artistically, and socially conscious post's "The Preacher's Daughter" follower's has became drawn to,but I need this time to thank my father and all other father's out there. The role of a father is a stern one;it requires alot of tough love and lack of vulnerability.However, this description only fits my father,a gulf war vet, avid football fan, and war movie enthusiast. Despite the macho characteristics I just gave you, he also does laundry and have superb culinary skills. When I was a sinless five year old with supernova exploding eyes , my father(not us in the photo) taught me how to read and write. I recall turning the pages of "Uncle Jeds Barber Shop" and keeping my first journal. Each night for countless hours my father was preparing his little girl for the unethical justice toward black Americans in this country. Happy Father's Day to my pop's and all others around our globe.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who is John Coltrane?

Being an ardent fan of any sort of creative art, I decided to introduce my ears to something different;something of which the lyrics are felt and not ignored by an exasperate treble and a strenuous bass.It's called Jazz music and I'm in awe. Now that hip-hop has ingrained itself into the young black identity, grass root music such as blues and jazz are unheard of. When I first heard of John Coltrane I was in a heated debate with a beloved uncle of mine about the impact of hip-hop and its affect on black America. Through the tangled converse of words and sentences the name John Coltrane was mentioned.At that point, my discretion to win the debate was over. I was blossoming with curiosity about this jazz artist who can hold a note until day fades into night. This month serves as a tribute to black music;therefore, we must not let the mighty beast of hip-hop steal the cultural and social relevance of other black music genera's; making black artist like Coltrane an unknown to young cats like me. Once I familiarize myself with his work, an english paper is definitely in the works. Just listen.

Meet the world's best beat boxer

Hip -hop has finally embedded itself into the global art form. This clip shows Japan native,Hikakin (hope I spelled his name correctly) beat boxing the theme song to Super Mario Bros. As some of you may have read on a past post, I blogged about Super Mario Bros. This whimsical, yet peculiar performance by Hikakin would have paired exquisitely. When it comes to using one's vocal chord's as rhythmic instruments, Hikakin needs no conductor. Watch and listen.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Life of a twenty-something

The first step in becoming an adult is obeying the sound of a screaming alarm clock. Being an indolent twenty-something, responsibility is an unfamiliar syllable to me;It comes with hard work and leaving the confines of a comfy queen-sized bed. As the days shorten like sand in an hour glass and sound becomes mute, I am learning how to take flight on this jagged view of the world,looking for wind in any direction.

Growing up is at its most perplexing when we forget the moments that defined our lives,for me its learning to ride a bicycle.It was a time when I held knee scrapes like battle scares and silver medals. The pain of falling and the urge to get up is a spirit that left this frail body of mine,but one day I will zoom through the steepest hill this side of the universe has ever seen. Gotta take it one day at a time and it starts by obeying the alarm clock.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Step aside T-pain

Living in a recession and the worst environmental crisis in U.S. history( B.P oil spill), this clip covers the gray feelings with a technicolor blanket of joy. I never knew politicians had so much comedic wit. I'm Feeling blessed to live in a country where gratuitous individuals could express their political opinions through creative art.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Change on the inside and police brutality in Seattle

After 3 months of writing , I came to the conclusion that "Adventures into Life" had no snap to it;no mark the world could identify me by. Above all other reasons, it didn't describe the pure hearted, yet bantered spirit that I am. "The Preacher's Daughter" fits this blog seamlessly;my father is a preacher and I am indeed his daughter.

After the Rodney King trial, I thought (like lynching and church bombing) police brutality was a past obsession. South Seattle citizens of color are well acquainted by the wrath of the Seattle police department. Numbers cannot measure the amount of clips I seen which involves the Seattle police abusing their powers against citizens of color. Apparently, jay walking is a serious offense in Seattle. Take a look.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Too Mime Anointed


I saw this clip a few weeks back and was astounded how God used this dance group to bring forth the message. Never have I seen worship in a form of synchronized dance,by this being a Pentecostal church dance praises a far too common. As a devotee of theatrical arts, the performance of Too Mime Anointed is worthy of every applause;I antcipate their performance at the Gospel Youth Explosion next month. All gratitude goes to my cousin Daygo for this clip.

To be young,Gifted, and Black

My spirits are always lifted to watch young black males defy everyday stereotypes. I heard of this clip from a co-worker and was in awe by this young man .This kid really have his black history skills on point;in addition, his vocabulary is bigger than his adolescent body. With Obama charisma and a Dr. King presence, this young man is bound to a become future leader. He's in my thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Day on Broadway

With the Tony's vastly approaching upon us, this post is necessary. For those who may not know from a previous post, I'm a fan of theatrical arts. My affinity for the theater started when I was a mischievous 7 year old; My second grade teacher took the class to see Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". I never seen another theatrical production since then, but going to see a Broadway play/musical is definitely on the bucket list.

Besides the fact that they are a punk rock group and wear more eyeliner than Rupaul, I don't know much about Green Day,but this Broadway remake of 21Guns is masterfully woven into an anthom for generation y. It's bound to become a modern classic like Rent's "Seasons Of Love" and I anticipate watching the cast performance tomorrow night on CBS.

The clamorous faith of Cassidy

The moment I saw this something laid heavy on my heart,so I thought I should share
it with you. Cassidy is goin in on his freestyle rap about the goodness of God. There are infinite ways to praise God and seeing it expressed through a rapper
is an awe-inspiring experience. The clamours faith of Cassidy shows that we don't have to be preachers or a missionary to spread the love of God; only a burning light illuminating for the entire world to see.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

hip-hop and literature

Sorry it's been awhile,between working with fidgety four year olds and reading " The Great Gatsby" a woman don't have time for much,not even a blog. Being a novice writer, I really need to adopt F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing style and read more of his work;I never knew poetic sentences could collide with an ingenious vocabulary.

While searching youtube, I discovered two of hip-hops buried treasures, Wale and Lupe Fiasco;two of the most underrated lyricist in the game. After listening to this and smiler lyricist, I think hip-hop's gangster image is slowly diminishing;however, the homophobia and misogyny still remains.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

love is patient

I never knew the need of companionship until my ears laid on this song. The lyrics are an outcry for anyone who have fell in love and met concrete on the way down.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Abbey Road

Sorry If this clip is a bit different from all the other apples in the sack. For some enigmatic reason this song will not stop playing in my mind. I'm not sure what the lyrics are about,but the bass soloist is really goin in. Thirty- something years after their break up, the Beatles have never ceased to amaze mankind with such finger snapin melodies.As an ardent fan of hip-hop music, their lyrics are slowly sculpting my bass system heart into an electric guitar. Goodnight.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When do I slow down?

This summer class I'm taking is becoming a major mistake.I have a quiz tomorrow and 147 pags of ish I could careless about, so a long night is ahead of me. As this is being written, Glee is playing on my plasma t.v. set ;which explains this clip. Gotta study,gotta immerse myself into the black mundane pages of my text book,gotta make Phi Theta Kappa. Goodnight.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Watch out for the kooplings!

The quirky sound affects, dazzling colors, and prodigious strength of a stout Italian plumber brings back the essence of my innocent years. Growing up in the nineties, I was a Super Mario fanatic. I forgot all about the hand and eye coordination it required or blowing out dust from the game cartridge.Not stealing the limelight from pacman's 30Th anniversary, but super Mario is the best franchise and game character birthed from the computer gaming system.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's not red;it's crimson glow

It's been a long time ,but i haven't abandoned my precious blog. Work and school have me in a straight jacket right now, so futile recreation is a thing of the past.
The show presented above depicted teenage life so candidly, but gotten no recognition.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Artistic Expression

Before I began, I would like to address the rude comments I received on this blog. I did not start this blog in hopes of becoming famous, nor am I a budding novelist. Writing is nothing more than a form of self expression to me; besides, it's 2010 who's keeping a black composition book as a diary these days.

All that being said,before he took a ride on the auto tune bandwagon; Kanye West's album graduation is without debate the greatest hip-hop album of my generation. Never have a rapper been so poignant through their lyrics. As the most avant-garde artist hip-hop has birthed, he really redefined the persona of a rapper. I really love this song. Hush and listen.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sorry for the long wait. As I'm typing this, my computer is riddled with viruses, hence the long wait. To add to the monotonous confusion, I'm taking summer classes which I'm suddenly regretting. I leave you this clip, its on some many levels of funny

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dead merchandise

After a meticulous deliberation on pop culture, the ipod really stuck to me. Frankly, I think the ipod has been duked out by the emergent number of cell phones which incorporates an mp3. However, I'll admit to spending 253$ on a device that was considered cool, young,and the hip accessory since the pet rock. The ipod should be buried in a time capsule along with the cassette tapes and CD player. I deem the ipod as a thingamajig for pretentious thirty- somethings; who's hanging on to the final speck of their youth. The ipod is the last of America's attention deficit recreation.All that being said, I was feeling nostaslgic and found the video.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

whoa,this feels too good!

Just received the results to my test and its out of the park, a slam dunk,and if your not on the same level as me we don't belong in the same arena. I'm only kidding and talking to no one in particular. I made an 85 on the test and have a smile that burns atom bomb bright, so please excuse the mild case of cockiness. This score is a literal example of disfavored Americans knocking out biased standardized test. Second to New Edition, TonyToniTone is my most beloved group from the new jack swing era. This song compliments the joyous occasion.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sorry, for the absence of a wacky pic or awe-inspiring video. Tomorrow I have a major test to battle; the weapons of choice will be a brain, pencil, and Jesus. Gotta have a protective shield. The confidence I have right now is the size of a nail, but deep within I know something will come out this; Perhaps an extra point added to the 3.7 GPA or no summer school would suffice? I can see success looming over the horizon, but a series of misfortunate events always keeps the shade. Goodnight.

Jesus is my Teflon Vest

Every week the news report about crime in Tallahassee,fl;it's becoming a silent epidemic among black youth. Words can not describe how saddened I am for the youth once blossoming with opportunity, or the malice pulsating from my heart towards the powers that be. One Saturday morning, I heard mom's voice echoing this song through out the hallway and it haven't left my mental music box since then. Everything from the melody to the lyrics signifies hope for a better tomorrow.
My prayers go out to every young black soul tortured by violence and gunshots.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Discourage,Mothernature, and Soul Music

Feeling discouraged about the followers on my blog, I don't really have much to elaborate on. In addition to the gray feelings, mother nature is twirling double knots into my femmine area(its that time of the month). This song always put shivers through out my body; its undescriable and kinda spiritual. No other female in R&b music vocal range is on par with Aretha. I question if im in church or a juck joint everytime I hear her voice. Please hush and listen.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dadme la libertad o dadme la muerte

. I as many other Americans watched the evening news, as the state of Arizona makes it acceptable to racial profile. This law may make ripple tides across our country when other states adopt this inhumane law. The law states that police have the authority to ask people of Hispanic decent, born or not in the U.S. for their documents;if papers are not present, the police are forced to arrest.This law sounds vaguely familiar. Hundreds of years ago those rules applied to run away slaves;instead of arrest there would be beatings. Latinos make a large portion of America's population and white people hate being the minority. First it was the Alamo now this.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wow, so many elevations of fly!!

I was surfing the web and came across these kicks. Im the only female I know whose closet is a mix of footlocker and a Nike factory. What i love most about the shoes, is the the vintage appeal; it screams late 80's Jordan era. Pay day is in a few months and I'm definitly looking for an old school pair like these; however, it may be a crucial punishment to my bank account.

Friday, April 30, 2010

To excercise, or not to exercise

While feeding into my new blog addiction, the voice of reason is telling me to exercise the 340-something calories I've consumed. I with no shame admit to falling victim to the obesity epidemic.Weighing in at over 300 hundred pounds, I was miserable and on the verge of death, so I decided to exercise and eat healthy; as a
result, weight decreased and self-esteem increased. Now I'm 87 pounds lighter, move with the speed of a jaguar( just over exaggerating),and have my eyes on a guy that makes rainbows when he smile. Poor dietary habits are common in the African American community and being from the rural south I witness to loved ones dying from stroke, diabetes, etc.Except for my 93 years young grandmother. African Americans must
be educated on healthy living; especially those living in marginalized communities. food stamps does not promote heathy eatting. Gotta go burn these calories.

Are you kidding me?

Jay-z is the most overrated hip-hop artist in the game.Frankly, i think his newest work is trash; it lacks candid honesty like Lil Wayne's the carter 3, speaks no intellect like Lupe's The cool, and shows no type of artistic innovation like Kanye's graduation; however, the album cover was really dope. This is America so feel free to disagree, but if you are a true fan of hip-hop music, you would agree that calling Jay-z the king of hip-hop is way out of term, especially in this decade. Newbies such as Drake and Nicki Minaji has turned the game around.If you disagree with me, listen to his attempt to remake Alphaville's hit song Forever young.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are dying and no one is talking about it

As i stated on my first post tittled Adventures into life, social issues was just one of the items I addressed. As a black female in my twenties, HIV/AIDS accounts for a major fraction of black women between the ages of 25 and 34 dying and living with the disease. The number of African American female casuelties infuriates me. I have more questions than complaints like who should we balme?, how come no one is talking and when will the abuse and oppression end for us. From being stripped of our dignity while standing on auctionig blocks to being objectified on rap videos;its a never ending grief from a culture and society that celebrates misogyny.

Yo, Broadway we need more ish like this

Many people may not know this about me, but I have a hidden affinity for the thearter; particularly musical theater. None of that ole 1930's sambo ish or humdrum Julie Andrews ish. I'm talkin about music and dialouge the reflect today's issues; while delivering its message in a MTVish sort of way,like Rent and In The Heights. Other than the 60's musical Hair , Rent was unlike anything shown on the american theater. R.I.P Jonathan Larson.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adventures into life

Hello, my name is Glowing Soul. Just recently, I blown away 21 candles into nostalgic bliss and filed taxes. Often, i find myself playing tug o war between girl and woman . Growing up frightens me, but it's the most perplexing adventure God could ever throw us in. Mankind lives nine months in a belly, then is forced to naviagate life with curiosity; which is my reason for starting this blog. Everything from art, music , social issues , politics, and my personnal journey into adulthood will be addressed in this blog. I promise to reveale the most illuminating pieces of myself.