Friday, July 2, 2010

The New Face of Hip hop

I have a love hate relationship with hip-hop music, a blender of emotions spin through me each time I hear a Jay-Z or Rick Ross jam. Frankly, I must say that the genre I adored so dearly have been reduced to buffoonery. How could something of such gritty passion and social profess become a deluded soul mate to the millions of African Americans living in public squalor? During this period of hip-hop there has been a blatant absence of female MC's in our record stores and radio stations. Of course, there have been a few females in the game who can grip the microphone, but I must be frank, Trina will never be mentioned in the same sentence as Lil Wayne when it comes to record sells. Lil Kim will always be a remnant of her glory days with Biggie and where the hell is Foxy Brown? Luckily, the gloomy period for females in a boys only game is about to end with Nikki Minaji. Apart from the other woman in the game, I have a smidgen of respect for Minaji. I got my hands on her mix tape a few weeks back and my spirit was jumping with joy. Finally, a woman who can spit it like a man with out exploiting herself. I'm curious to know what does this means for the future of hip-hop and the way its fans view rappers .


  1. You bring up some valid points here, I'm a new follower.

    Thought you might consider joining (a social networking site for bloggers- 20-something bloggers)- to find more of the audience your blog is geared towards.

    I haven't heard anything from Minaj- her image alone is a bit disturbing to me- she's overly sexualized (the whole Black sexy Barbie doll does not appeal to me) and does remind me of the Lil' Kim way back in the day that my mom tried to shelter me from. I don't know that I can get past her image, and I wish that Eve would come back out and get back in the game.

  2. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic in this post or not... I think that's why I like it. Thanks for your comment on Alee's Perspective.