Monday, June 28, 2010

Redemption for a dancer

Ya don't really see moments like these on live television, so I decided to post it for y'all. This marvelous performance by Chris Brown may be the pulse to bring his career back to life. I gotta admit, this man is a natural born showman. I felt his energy magnetically drawing me into every abstract rhythm of his body. Dressed in Micheal Jackson attire, Brown's stage presence was an aura to be recognized that night; at the same time, he came apart at the seams with a dramatic break down during the performance of Micheal's Man In The Mirror. I think what was seen last night was Brown's redemption plea, another chance to awe this world of what he was born to do, another spark of his feet to illuminate stages, and another feel of a thunderous applause. Can we forgive Chris Brown?


  1. i'd forgiven him long ago. was glad to see him performing after being shunned by B.E.T last year. in my opinion, he is the only one who could have given a michael jackson tribute any justice. he did a great job!

  2. While he did an excellent job, I don't think those tears were all meant for MJ.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. Chris Brown gave an awesome Michael Jackson performance.

    I believe Chris Brown should go on with his life the best that he can and not worry himself about whether or not imperfect human beings can forgive him. He only gives power in his walking around feeling defeated.

    That said, he was clearly performing the tears as well.