Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Day on Broadway

With the Tony's vastly approaching upon us, this post is necessary. For those who may not know from a previous post, I'm a fan of theatrical arts. My affinity for the theater started when I was a mischievous 7 year old; My second grade teacher took the class to see Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". I never seen another theatrical production since then, but going to see a Broadway play/musical is definitely on the bucket list.

Besides the fact that they are a punk rock group and wear more eyeliner than Rupaul, I don't know much about Green Day,but this Broadway remake of 21Guns is masterfully woven into an anthom for generation y. It's bound to become a modern classic like Rent's "Seasons Of Love" and I anticipate watching the cast performance tomorrow night on CBS.

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