Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who and What is a Dougie?

 Sorry for the long wait folks.  Not falling into the whole "black people can dance" stereotype, but this dance is the simplest,yet crowd spectacle  I've ever came across. Each day, hour, and awakening moment  this dance has gotten me off my rump and onto the dance floor;It's called The Dougie or D-Town Boogie, a Dallas Texas originated movement. Those of you  two steppers may be familiar with Cali  Swag District, a rap group from Los Angeles interpretation of  The Dougie,but it's a Dallas Texas born jig.  For the past few years now, black youth have really  kept this country dancing. Moves ranging from The Soullja Boy, The Harlem Shake and   Jerkin have came from impoverished youth.  

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