Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Sorry if this post seems a wee bit different from the scholarly, artistically, and socially conscious post's "The Preacher's Daughter" follower's has became drawn to,but I need this time to thank my father and all other father's out there. The role of a father is a stern one;it requires alot of tough love and lack of vulnerability.However, this description only fits my father,a gulf war vet, avid football fan, and war movie enthusiast. Despite the macho characteristics I just gave you, he also does laundry and have superb culinary skills. When I was a sinless five year old with supernova exploding eyes , my father(not us in the photo) taught me how to read and write. I recall turning the pages of "Uncle Jeds Barber Shop" and keeping my first journal. Each night for countless hours my father was preparing his little girl for the unethical justice toward black Americans in this country. Happy Father's Day to my pop's and all others around our globe.

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