Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's the deal with Tyler Perry


When I saw the episode of the Boondocks titled Pause I was of both rage and disgust. It was thirty minuets worth of Tyler Perry bashing and blatant homophobia.My feelings for another human being has never been so shattered.
But at the same time, Perry's work may need a wee bit of socially conscience critiquing;for example,portraying educated successful black people as callous snobs, or portraying black woman as afflicted damsels;in need of a man to fulfill all of life's bliss. Mr. Perry that has got to stop.I would like for Perry to re-create his character Mr.Brown. Make him look human, raise the I.Q. level about a hundred more notches,and give him a sense of dignity. Far too many black men in this country has lost of never gained their dignity due to incarceration and senseless lynchings.
In Perry's defense, people should actually sit and watch his material. Of course,he's not August Wilson or James Baldwin,but the message in Perry's work radiates throughout many,love and the power of prayer.

This season of the Boondocks is at its closing. Perhaps, I'm the only black person who fails to find the amusement in this show. Celebrating thuggery and excessive use of the n-word on a white owned television network is entertainment,yet Tyler Perry is a modern day minstrel show (smh).

I found this clip of Cornel West, one of the greatest thinkers of our generation. His lecture on Spike Lee and Tyler Perry riveted through my soul. Black entertainers must build each other up,the industry wasn't made for people with a more "shaded" skin tone.


  1. No you aren't the only person who doesn't find the humor. I liked the Boondocks when they were cutely in the sunday funnies. I do not like the show, watched a piece of an episode a while back and I didn't find it funny. Thought it was just sad.

    On a side note, thank you for finding me and leading me to your blog. You have no idea how much your title description just spoke to me and this time in my life.

  2. I can't express my gratitude. I'm gald to be an inspiration to someone. God bless