Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does anyone have a cure for the common cold?

I've tried the lemon and honey concoction,a remedy that has stayed in my family for perhaps six decades and still cannot overcome this cold. If you are a germophic,hand washing addict like me;the common cold is a highly dreaded acquaintance. Since the outbreak of H1N1 I have became conscience of the under functioning immune system;for example,if an individual just happens to sneeze around me I always have a mini-sized bottle of purell in my purse.

As I lay here in my queen-sized bed,cuddled by a hand woven quilt. My thoughts ponder about where this human inherited cold could have came from. Maybe, it's the dust descending from the ceiling vents of my four walled bedroom. A long day is mapped for me to conquer tomorrow and my immune system is being hit by the sneeze cough combo.

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