Sunday, September 5, 2010


   I'm not dead, although I have been buried in notebooks and textbooks. Surprisingly, American History
  has been my favorite class of this semester so far.  My history professor is quite the comedian; he  talks about  early American history as if his on Comedy Central. However, I'm less enthused about the thirty minute group presentation about Ben Frankiln.  Working in a group is not me,plus I have to speak   for thirty minutes to a  class room of forty strangers. I haven't done public speaking since the third grade and I was pretty good at it. Working in a group, however, always ended with two people ditching the assignment  on presentation day.  English has been the most anticipated class of the summer. Since this blogging came in my life, I needed an outlet to hone my newly found craft. Journalism has also helped my writing abilities, which suddenly reminds me that I have to get that skinny jeans article finished. There is nothing much to say about algebra other than me and mathematics do not get along.  Feel in love with song and the video especially.

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