Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jesus is my Teflon Vest

Every week the news report about crime in Tallahassee,fl;it's becoming a silent epidemic among black youth. Words can not describe how saddened I am for the youth once blossoming with opportunity, or the malice pulsating from my heart towards the powers that be. One Saturday morning, I heard mom's voice echoing this song through out the hallway and it haven't left my mental music box since then. Everything from the melody to the lyrics signifies hope for a better tomorrow.
My prayers go out to every young black soul tortured by violence and gunshots.


  1. Hi. Do you really think that every young black soul is tortured by violence and gunshots? I'm what u'd call a white girl and I don't think about blacks and gangs when I hear this song!

  2. i do not think that every black youth experience violence of any kind,I should know. Secondly, I picked this song because I love soul music and this song paired beautifully with how I and the paragraph was feeling. Relax , people take blogs too seriously.