Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to grow up

 Last week my college  courses  arrived through  the mail.  The usual reading, writing and arithmetic will become the stress of unannounced quizzes and cramming for exams. I have been a community college freshman for perhaps three years now; not because I'm unmotivated, but rather lost.  As I gradually progress through my twenties,  fortuitous questions of who am I and what I want out of life jolts me every  moment  bills and responsibility reminds me that I am now an adult.  

 The thought of becoming a wife and mother is quit daunting to me. How can one commit  themselves to other humans when the feeling of self love have never been experienced?  The next five years of my life will become a search for my identity, discovering what motivates  me  to wake up  in the morning and smile  at a  fire exlpoding sunrise.  Only God knows what the future has for me, or what talents may harbour in this insecure body mine.      

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  1. This is a brilliant post....because I've been there and done that. I was told to wait until after I was 25 to get married because there's something challenging about that 25th year - it either makes or breaks you. You gotta love the elders - I waited until I was 26 LOL.

    Your 20s should be the era of "no regrets," "my bads," and "take advantage of every opportunity."

    Best of luck on your journey =)