Friday, June 25, 2010

Can we call Beyonce the new Micheal Jackson?

It's been a year now since the heart pausing news of Micheal Jackson's death.With a career spanning through nearly four decades, Micheal was more than an entertainer, he was a family heirloom. It's abashed that the public never gave Micheal Jackson a proper applause,nor acknowledge the brilliance in his showmanship until his death. Now that the thrown of pop royalty is empty, who will fill it?

Ultimately, the answer would be Madonna.Although, she sold more than 250 million records within 20 years of her career (wikipedia); radio airwaves hasn't heard from her in quite sometime now. Therefore, the tittle should go or will go to Beyonce. A stunning dancer, internationally sold out concerts,and racial cross over appeal. Beyonce has performed her way into the mainstream lexicon.

The album I am Sasha Fierce is unlike anything I ever heard from an R&B album;my ears had no clear conception of the canticle blaring through my headphones impetuously. Being of both folk and soul, the album exemplifies the inner making of a global superstar.

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  1. I stated the exact same thing last thing. Everyone laughed. But I honestly seeing Beyonce as pop music's most becoming attraction in the spirit of Michael Jackson.