Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hair On A Black Woman

Combing black hair is like taming a wild beast. For every black woman her fist perm was a right of passage. I remember quite vividly the ceremony of my first perm. It was an hour of agony,but the burning scalp and smell of chemicals was a virtuous beauty at the end.

As a child of the 90's, my hair was designed into countless urban styles. I frequently requested the Left eye (TLC)style,which consisted of a bang curl in the front of my head and a fan curl on the top of my head. Each moment of my pupil age life that was the style that defined me.

Today, I am 21 and TLC is long forgotten. The styles I wear now are all weave, a sense of being natural is lost. In addition to the forgery, I can't remember feeling hair grease being smoothed across my scalp. Now that the glued in tracks have been removed from my hair, I would like to adopt a more Afrocentric vogue to my ever changing hair styles.

However, there is an colossal size of insecurity when it comes to wearing a my natural hair. It's not an denouement of race, but an oxymoron of black women around me.Siblings, cousins, co-workers, or the sista at the Asian owned black hair shop looks at me in utter disgust whenever I'm wearing a natural look.

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  1. I was 14 when I got my first relaxer and I really wish my sisters did not force me into getting it. I guess they figured that they were helping me because I was terrible at trying to maintain the large amount hair that adorned my big head.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate