Friday, July 23, 2010

self observing

Waking at 6am is not what I expected of a four month summer vacation. I know alot of you are probably tired of me rambling on and on about early mornings and my battle with the alarm clock. But not with the slightest of words have I mentioned my summer job. For starters, I work for my parents,we're child care providers. Having a type-B personality around a family of type-A robotic drones is all too unbalanced. In shorter words, I'm not cut out for the family business. Children are the most perplexing individuals to me. Yes, they are cute and cuter when they began to talk. But, don't let their ambrosial spirit fool you. Children are the most malefic manipulators around.  Those of you who have kids may know.

I discovered this guy on YouTube while enjoying an unhealthy amount of the Internet.  He goes by the name of 50 Tyson. This man must be immune to humility, the amount of insults on his YouTube account is staggering. Hopefully, The Preachers Daughter may show him in a positive light.

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