Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who is John Coltrane?

Being an ardent fan of any sort of creative art, I decided to introduce my ears to something different;something of which the lyrics are felt and not ignored by an exasperate treble and a strenuous bass.It's called Jazz music and I'm in awe. Now that hip-hop has ingrained itself into the young black identity, grass root music such as blues and jazz are unheard of. When I first heard of John Coltrane I was in a heated debate with a beloved uncle of mine about the impact of hip-hop and its affect on black America. Through the tangled converse of words and sentences the name John Coltrane was mentioned.At that point, my discretion to win the debate was over. I was blossoming with curiosity about this jazz artist who can hold a note until day fades into night. This month serves as a tribute to black music;therefore, we must not let the mighty beast of hip-hop steal the cultural and social relevance of other black music genera's; making black artist like Coltrane an unknown to young cats like me. Once I familiarize myself with his work, an english paper is definitely in the works. Just listen.

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