Tuesday, August 3, 2010



I received heart breaking news about   the passing of a dear friend of my family. He was killed in a car accident on his way to work.  Allen  left behind a wife and four small children who will never feel his touch or hear his laughter ever again.  I've came to the twenty first year of my life, I can sleep with the lights off, tie shoes laces,even ride a bike without falling on unforgiving ground. But death remains one of those childhood stepping stones I have yet to grasp . 

 What is death and what does it look like? Maybe it's a heavenly translucent figure with wings and a halo, or some ghastly horror ripped from the scenes of an   X-Files episode.  Death is most perplexing to me  when one can have a conversation in the supermarket with a long lost friend , or a wave hello  across the street to an acquaintance  and  within the next day or moment that person is dead. 

 It's been 48 hours now since Allen  has left this earth , and still there is this stubborn part in me that won't accept his death.  Although I have heard the gossip of strangers and the confirmation by witnesses of his death, I believe Allen is home with his kids.  Maybe If  I see his bruised corpse the truth will sink in, or perhaps the dismantled SUV both Allen and his wife were driving in during that dark morning of his death.  

I was raised to beleive that earth is not our home, that God has a closing time on all of his children. The most challenging part of this belief is never knowing when it's your time to leave all wordly possesions behind and journy to another realm.   After I click the publish post button, I'm going to  value human life and thank God for every breath . I'm gonna laugh longer and cry while I'm laughing. I'll give forgiveness a try.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about that (read about it- same difference)

  2. I, too am sorry to hear the news. Death is a serious reminder for us to give thanks. I believe that although our loved ones leave their physical bodies, their spirit remains with us. Our memories are the evidence of that. I'm praying for you and your friends and family.