Friday, April 30, 2010

To excercise, or not to exercise

While feeding into my new blog addiction, the voice of reason is telling me to exercise the 340-something calories I've consumed. I with no shame admit to falling victim to the obesity epidemic.Weighing in at over 300 hundred pounds, I was miserable and on the verge of death, so I decided to exercise and eat healthy; as a
result, weight decreased and self-esteem increased. Now I'm 87 pounds lighter, move with the speed of a jaguar( just over exaggerating),and have my eyes on a guy that makes rainbows when he smile. Poor dietary habits are common in the African American community and being from the rural south I witness to loved ones dying from stroke, diabetes, etc.Except for my 93 years young grandmother. African Americans must
be educated on healthy living; especially those living in marginalized communities. food stamps does not promote heathy eatting. Gotta go burn these calories.

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